Thursday, January 17, 2013

1. this is my letter to the world

Fossil Sitting In Sun Light      

     I have several Internet abodes, but this one will be devoted to helping me manifest the life I want in 2013 (and beyond).
     A number of years ago, I rented a bedroom that had an odd nook with windows on either side. That nook became my quiet place. I decorated it with a painting of a lotus, a postcard with an image of Buddha, and a few tea lights in thrifted glass cups. I'd sit on my folding stool and determinedly try to think of nothing.
     Small spaces hold a fascination for me, the same wonder I feel when examining a tightly furled fern head or contemplating the twists of a nautilus. Sometimes we need to turn tightly, to curl into ourselves, to grow. For some, small spaces may seem claustrophobic, entrapping. But I see them as a reminder that wherever we are is exactly where we need to be, and that sometimes stillness and sinking into ourselves can be our best teacher.
   So, this is my nook, my seed-space. Welcome.